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Since its establishment in 1991, the Romanian American University (RAU) has focused on providing an alternative and complementary program to Romania’s higher education system. The university, located in Bucharest, is composed of six faculties—five economic and one juridical—through which over 12,000 students have passed since its beginnings.

Within the context of the Bologna Process reform of 1999, RAU has pursued an increasing comparability and compatibility of its academic degree standards with those of the rest of Europe, including adoption of the integrated degree, master’s and Ph.D. scale.

RAU provides a quality program centered on connecting education with business. Students benefit from close ties with the private sector (90% international, including such companies as Toyota) and leave the university well equipped with the practical skills to face today’s labor market.

” RAU provides a quality program centered on connecting education with business.”

Internationality is another of the pillars on which RAU’s educational offerings are based. RAU enjoys strong links with several U.S. higher education institutions, including a long-term agreement with James Madison University, which enhances students’ learning through visits from American professors, academic material and scholarships. In partnership with another U.S. establishment, DeSales University in Pennsylvania, RAU has launched an innovative M.B.A. program in the Romanian market (project management).

Looking forward, RAU intends to increase partnerships with U.S. universities, as well as with the private sector.

Excerpt and source from ForbesCustom.com and RAU website


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